Where To Get Face Paint

There are many places that you can get the supplies to complete your face painting designs.  In this day and age it is not only cheaper but more convenient to go online and shop around to find the best face painting products at the best prices. Initially it might be worth buying some face paint from a local craft store if you are new to the hobby and wish to try out some basic face painting designs on your friends/family.

I would recommend trying out a varied array of face paints so you can have a preference and only then will you know what is your favorite paint and what  gets the desired results.
I have listed below my top 3 face painting supply web sites that I recommend you to use if you are shopping online. Not only are they competitively priced their customer support is also very good should you need it.

Silly Farm
Face Paint Shop
Party Domain

You can of course also try ebay as they sometimes have some good bargains on there. Just remember to buy only top brands, don’t be tempted to buy an unheard brand as your face panting designs could suffer and the paint could be poor quality.

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