Tools For Face Painting

Like a regular painter/artist a face painter requires an assortment of tools to create your master pieces. Depending on how seriously you are going to get into face painting -whether its just for a bit of fun with the kids or if you are thinking of starting a face painting business will determine what tools you will need.


The brushes you choose to use should be excellent quality with synthetic bristles that are soft enough for the sensitive skin of our faces. The way I paint is with water based paint so I recommend that you also use brushes for water based paint.

A selection of four or five brushes of various sizes should be enough for you to get started with experimenting on the face. You will need a range of sizes from small to large for various areas of coverage.

The better you get no doubt the more tools you will buy, some of the more complicated designs require specialized brushes in order to achieve the desired effects.


The main reason for using a sponge is to apply base coats quickly and evenly as well as blending colors together. I buy a few sponges and cut them up to get more shapes and sizes and also get better value for money.

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