How To Face Paint

So you want to learn how to face paint? Face painting has become a very popular attraction at any event. Not only is it an extremely fun hobby it also gives something back to you by seeing so many happy children walk away with your face painting design on their face.

Learning how to face paint and become good can be a very long process if you do not go about it the right way. I think there are some major factors in becoming a winning face painter.

Face Painting Tools – You have to have the tools t even begin face painting. Buy yourself some paints, a selections of brushes and sponges but only get some middle of the road tools for now. Once everything is in place and you have mastered everything you can assess what products you can improve and buy a better one.

Basic Face Painting Skills – You have to learn the basics of face painting before you can even consider doing a full face. I recommend practicing the basic skills on your arm, hand or just do cheek designs just until you have the basics covered.

Face Painting Designs – Without good designs you will not attract as many people and you will not get recommended to other events. You need to get yourself completely confident in painting about 10 to 15 designs without any book or picture to copy. A good idea is to do a range of designs and maybe even do a photo portfolio so people can see exactly what they will be getting.

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