Glitter With Face Painting

Adding glitter to your face painting designs can make them look a lot more professional and transform them into master pieces.

Applying glitter is extremely easy to do as you will see in a moment but always ensure you have bought glitter that is safe to use on the face and skin (body glitter). I have heard of people putting aluminum glitter on the skin and causing some irritation later on in the day. So first things first – only use body glitter – polyester.

I use glitter with all sorts of face painting designs but they look extra good on fantasy designs like princesses.

There are a few types of glitter that can be used:

Glitter Gel – This is a gel with glitter mixed into it and is one of my favorites. It is very easy to apply using a paint brush and easily washes out.
Glitter Powders – Glitter powders look like flour in consistency and simply needs adding to the face paint being used. You could also apply it directly onto the skin if you wet your brush or sponge and apply it.
Glitter Dust –This glitter is loose ad designed for use on the face and body and shouldn’t cause and irritation. To use it you simply, shake a small amount from the pot onto the paint before it dries on the face. Another technique is to moisten a brush and add glitter to the areas of the face you wish to apply glitter.

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