Face Painting Safety Tips

When completing your face painting designs, there are some steps you can take to keep your customer happy and safe.

Leaving uncolored space around the eyes avoids paint accidentally getting into the eyes. If any co lour does get into the eyes, clean off any excess paint with clean tissue and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

If you are using glitter or sequins in your face painting design, avoid the use anywhere near the eyes – preferably avoid the face completely as they could scratch the face.

Water based face paints are usually completely non allergenic and any reaction very rare but should any sign of a rash, itchy skin on the face, or watery eyes develop you should remove the paint immediately with warm soapy water.

For events where you are painting multiple people you should put your brushes in a weak disinfectant for hygiene reasons (try 4 parts water to 1 part chlorine bleach or alcohol).

Be careful when using brushes near the eyes as you could poke someone’s eye.

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