Face Painting As A Business

Once you have tried, tested and practiced your skills you’ll of no doubt done a fair few face painting designs, and may start think to yourself “I can make some extra money doing this”.

Face painting is a very popular attraction at any event and you could easily charge $150-$200 for 2 hours work.

There are a few steps to take before you start painting designs on anyone’s face in return for money.

Protecting Yourself

Every business needs some form of liability insurance. This is an important aspect if you are planning to take money in return for your face painting skills. This is simply to protect you in the event that something went wrong. Please don’t let this put you off as this is very standard to most businesses and is very cheap if you shop around online.

Face Painting Designs Catalogue

A good idea would be to have a portfolio of face painting designs that your customers can choose from. Maybe take photos of around twenty different designs and mount them on a board or put them into a folder on your table for [people to look through. Ensure you get permission to use the photos before you use them in your portfolio.

Face Painting can be a great way to make some extra money and is a very fun, rewarding hobby. For more tips like this and step by step designs have a look at our new ebook and video package below.

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